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  ground floor plan

  enlarged plan of brewing area


  accessible w/c

  millwork (bar) details

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Restaurant + Brewery


I was hired by +tongtong to ensure that a local restaurant + brewery was completed as per original design. I received the project during the construction document phase, and was charged with completing the CD package and all required contract administration. I also selected many of the interior finishes, fixtures, and equipment, and ensured that everything met the updated OBC requirements as the project had originally been designed prior to the 2015 update (much of this was coordinated with the project architect who worked remotely). There were a number of issues that arose during construction, including an outdated permit application set, a no-nonsense building inspector, a hands-on client, a historically protected site, and a shipment of feature materials that went missing.  These issues amounted to a large amount of time dedicated to CA, but we were able to reach solutions to keep the project moving forward.  The project is scheduled to open by the end of 2015.

while I produced these images, they appear courtesy of +tongtong