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view of the fireplace from the dining room (image was for in-house purposes)

kitchen (image was for in-house purposes)

view of fireplace from living room (image was for in-house purposes)

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Brooklyn House


In an effort to issue the final drawings for construction, I was put on the project to work on the interiors package. This included drawing the interiors, the bathrooms, kitchen, and millwork. While much of this had been designed during the DD phase, it required some final touches and modifications, especially since the existing home (this was a renovation + addition) had some unexpected surprises we had to work with. The majority of our efforts were put into the bathrooms, and I learned quite a bit from the senior designer who had a great deal of experience with interior design.

The interior package was issued for construction early 2015.

while I produced these images, they appear courtesy of Architects Luc Bouliane