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atrium/main entrance

exterior space

subterranean chapel


reading room

above the reading room

reading room assembly

section through reading room

green roof detail

atrium roof detail

structural axo

systems diagram

site plan

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Interfaith Chapel


As the graduate program at Waterloo is a selfguided thesis, this final undergraduate studio is used to qualify the students for graduating into the field of architecture. a comprehensive combination of both technical and design skills, this studio is the cumulative result of the undergrad program. Incorporated into the final product was a detailed technical report that integrated structure, mechanical, and sustainable systems into the design.

This interfaith chapel seeks to create intimate spaces across differing scales via a host of techniques including materials, light, and texture. Using a system of wooden slat cladding, spaces of varying porosity are created. A further analysis of adjacencies also occurs as each interior space has a corresponding exterior.