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alt="wall mural", "Gordon Hunt"

alt="wall mural", "Gordon Hunt"

alt="wall mural", "Gordon Hunt"alt="wall mural", "Gordon Hunt"

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Italy: Mural


The mural emerges from a study of Arcangelo. The apartment is very minimal, so the mural seeks to activate the main living room by becoming the feature wall. Arcangelo mentioned that he desired to do something with this large blank space, but wasn’t sure what. When asked about painting the apartment walls something other than the current off-white, he indicated that he couldn’t be bothered but that he would welcome any efforts by me to do so. A collaboration with Arcangelo yielded this mural; his assistance was greatly appreciated, and his patience and faith in my abilities even more.

The mural contains:
-the large residential block that gradually fades in scale and density as it approaches the Parco degli Acquedotti
-an urban street grid that is a result of urban planning to contrast the historic streets of ancient Rome
-the two aqueducts of the Parco degli Acquedotti
-a reference to the Cinecitta film studio

The mural activates the main living space and brings into the daily life of Arcangelo the history of his neighbourhood. The larger objective is to initiate an effort by Arcangelo to continue this customisation of a very bare apartment. Assuming that the paint was applied properly, the end result of this Intervention is unknown.