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view from the main approach

view from the ramp landing

view from corner of children's stacks

image of phase I shelving

plan of 3 phases

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Library Renovation II


Following our successful renovation to the historic library in 2013 (phase I of III), we were approached again to complete the next stage (phase II) of the overall library renovation. This time, it was the children's play area and book stacks which were to become the recipients of our design ambition. Again, I was given the opportunity to lead the project, produce the drawings, and coordinate between the client and suppliers.

The design adopted a similar aesthetic to phase I of the project - wooden shelving that complimented the historic building. In an effort to open the space up, we enlarged the opening the looked out over the lower room - effectively connecting the two adjacent rooms both visually and acoustically where there was previously very little connection. We also created additional toy storage for the client (they had not requested this), as we were able to improve the efficiency and storage capacity of the book stacks. Detailing the book stacks themselves was completed in house - this basically involved corrdinating the base units provided by the supplier with custom wood paneling and display units.

The drawings were issued for construction early 2015.

while I produced these images, they appear courtesy of Architects Luc Bouliane