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alt="urban mapping", "sketch", "mapping", "travel" Miraflores District, Lima, Peru

alt="urban mapping", "sketch", "mapping", "travel" Barranco District, Lima, Peru

alt="urban mapping", "sketch", "mapping", "travel" Pueblo Libre, Lima, Peru

alt="urban mapping", "sketch", "mapping", "travel" Chorrillos, Lima, Peru

alt="urban mapping", "sketch", "mapping", "travel" Dusit, Bangkok, Thailand

Ayutthaya, Thailand

alt="urban mapping", "sketch", "mapping", "travel" Vang Vieng, Laos

alt="urban mapping", "sketch", "mapping", "travel" Luang Prabang, Laos

alt="urban mapping", "sketch", "mapping", "travel"
Lao Chai Village, Vietnam

alt="urban mapping", "sketch", "mapping", "travel"

Pignetto, Rome, Italy

alt="urban mapping", "sketch", "mapping", "travel"Rome, Italy

alt="urban mapping", "sketch", "mapping", "travel" Cinecitta, Rome, Italy

alt="urban mapping", "sketch", "mapping", "travel" Toronto, Canada

alt="urban mapping", "sketch", "mapping", "travel" North Gower, Ottawa, Canada

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Urban Mapping


Each thesis intervention required an extended stay as a guest in the home of my client as this close interaction with the client and their living space enabled me to develop highly comprehensive site analyses. In living with the homeowner, a biased, incomplete, and yet entirely appropriate account of the context in which they lived was revealed. This was further supplemented by my own observations of the neighbourhood, its history, and architectural styles. This information, combined with the occupant’s needs – apparent or unrealised – inspired an intervention that served as a catalyst for the homeowner to begin to interrogate their environment.

These urban mappings were the initial attempt to understand the context in which I was to work. In each instance I would set aside several hours to wander through the neighborhood, snapping photos, making notes, and sketching. These maps were created from my experiences, and were my best effort to draw the neighborhood as I saw it from the ground. They are full of errors as I would often get lost.